Notice Of 2020 Annual General Meeting

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7.00pm Sign In – 7.30pm Start

Dandenong Stadium – Keith Miller Function Room

270 Stud Rd, Dandenong North

Light refreshments and snacks will be served after the meeting.



Elections are to be held for the following Board positions.

Please note that the duly elected Board will determine the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary:

Board Position 1: Dale Wood (not up for re-election) – Current President

Board Position 2: Dennis Wilkinson (standing for re-election) – Current Vice President

Board Position 3: Dan Kirtley (not up for re-election) – Current Treasurer

Board Position 4: Tara Glennie-Garner (not up for re-election) – Current Secretary

Board Position 5: Lisa Gordon (standing for re-election)

Board Position 6: Vacant

Board Position 7: Vacant

Elections are open for 4 Board positions. Positions will be determined by way of secret ballot based on the Constitution’s voting criteria if the number of applicants exceeds the number to be elected. Section 54. Term of Office of the Constitution requires 4 Directors to be elected in each year of even number and 3 Directors elected in each year of odd number.

Board Position Nomination Form

Any nomination for the Board positions listed above, are to be completed using the DBA Board nomination for available via email request to the Acting CEO.

Lodgement of Nomination Form

Any nomination for vacant Director positions must be received by the Acting CEO, Mr. Dale Wood via direct email. no later than midnight 9th March 2021. Alternatively, nominations can be hand delivered to the Acting CEO by 5pm 9th March 2021.


2020 Financial Statement

The Dandenong Basketball financial report will be available from the Acting CEO on the morning of the
AGM and will also be distributed at the AGM.



Members should provide the name(s) of any delegates they have appointed to represent the Member at this meeting by no later than midnight, 23rd March 2021.


General Business

Matters for General Business must be submitted by 23rd March 2021 to the Acting CEO, Dale Wood at . Matters for General Business can also be hand delivered to the Acting CEO by 5pm on the 23rd March 2021.


Attendance, Delegates, and Voting

The following votes are entitled at General meetings:

  • A life member has one vote
  • An Associated Member has one vote
  • A Director Member has one vote
  • A club Member with between two and nine teams (inclusive) has one vote
  • A club Member with between ten and nineteen teams (inclusive) has two votes
  • A club Member with between twenty or more teams has three votes

For any further enquiries or additional information, please contact Dale Wood at or call 0400 696 626.

A more detailed agenda will be available at the AGM.


For and on behalf of the DBA Board,

Dale Wood

Acting CEO – Dandenong Basketball Association Inc



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