DBA Business & Volunteer Directory To Help Support Local Businesses And A Return To COVID-Normal

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During tough times on & off-the-court it’s important to have a great team around you, so it’s time to rally the DBA Community together and support a return to COVID-normal!
You might make your own candles or be a landscaper, conveyancer, electrician or a cleaner. You may work in finance or be part of a company that offers services that may benefit DBA and our valued members. You may simply be able to volunteer your time to DBA activities.
That’s why we’re creating the DBA Family Business and Volunteer Directory, helping our members connect with and grow each other’s businesses as we all try to navigate our way out of lockdown.

If you’re interested in having your business listed or simply want to volunteer your services to the DBA Community please visit the link below and register your details.

REGISTER: http://bit.ly/dbadirectory

2020 has been tough but there’s still plenty of time for a comeback! Let’s pull the team together and finish the year stronger than ever.

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