Introducing Our No. 1 Brazilian Ticket Holder: Luiz Henrique!

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Last week Dandenong Basketball received a very unique email from a NBL1 Rangers fan far, far away…over 13,000km away in Brazil!

Luiz Henrique Maciel, from Joinville, Brazil, sent an email to DBA reception last week requesting any Rangers paraphernalia he could get his hands on, from old tickets to programs to articles about our teams so he could follow our Dandenong stars from South America.

After getting into NBL1 basketball through a friend who had visited Australia, Luiz picked Dandenong and fell in love with our team, jersey and colours, in particular his favourite player Ollie Hayes-Brown. He also loves the way new Ranger Sean Macdonald plays on the court, admiring his slick moves and shooting from the field.

2020-21 has been a tough period throughout the world but nowhere more so than Brazil, which is still going through an extremely difficult COVID-crisis with over 50,000 cases a day. But basketball has been there for Luiz throughout this difficult time as the game he has loved since starting school, ditching the soccer ball for some hardwood despite his schoolmates preferring the world game.

“While at school everyone played soccer, I took my basketball and went to the corner of the gym alone to play”, said Luiz. “I love watching basketball on TV and watching the biggest leagues in the world. I met NBL and NBL1 through a friend who made a trip to Australia a few years ago, and, knowing my love for basketball, told me that people in the country are very passionate about the sport.”

“After some time, I started to like the Dandenong Rangers a lot, because besides being located in a region that I dream of visiting, it has a very passionate crowd, in addition to an amazing story!”

With Luiz’s passion for basketball matching even the most ardent Ranger fans, we’ve decided to make him our No. 1 Brazilian Ticket Holder to support his love of our team and to grow our fan base, even if he is on the other side of the world!

Luiz was shocked and honoured when informed of this news, telling DBA he can’t wait to be a member of the DBA Family.

“I feel very happy and grateful for this honour, I don’t know how to thank Dandenong Basketball” said Luiz.

“In the meantime I’m already waiting for next Saturday’s game and will be cheering a lot from home…come on Rangers!”

We’d like to encourage any of our DBA Family members who wish to help those suffering from the Brazilian COVID-crisis to donate to the BrazilFoundation’s COVID-19 appeal, bringing crucial aid to vulnerable communities and families through the distribution of food and hygienic kits. A donation of $30 is equivalent to one food kit, enough to feed a family for 30 days, ensuring vulnerable families can stay home and stay safe.

Learn more about BrazilFoundation’s COVID-19 Appeal here.

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