Lockdown Extended, Stadium To Remain Closed Until July 27th

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DBA Family,

Following the Victorian Government’s extension of the current lockdown, Dandenong Stadium will continue to be closed until at least Tuesday 27 July.

DBA will update specific details for our programs and competitions as the future becomes clearer on what the return to indoor sport looks like. But for now, we just wanted to take a moment to check in with you, your kids, and your family.

DBA would like to utilize this time by making sure we are still offering the best for all of our participants. We understand the impact that these lockdowns have on our social, physical, and mental well-being.

Our Free online skill development session will return this week. To read more about what session would suit your athlete best please use the following link: https://dandenongbasketball.com.au/zoom-development-sessions/

But most importantly, Is there anything else that we can do for your kids over these next 7 days that may help them socially, physically, or mentally?

We would love to hear your feedback or suggestions. Please do not hesitate to respond and reach out to us at info@dandenongbasketball.com.au.

We encourage you to continue to look after yourselves and your loved ones. If you are struggling during this time know that you are not alone.

DBA is able help to support our community with two fabulous well-being officers, Jenny Phillips and Miranda Blok. Jenny has an extensive background and years of experience in the area of pastoral care, including within multi-faith and culturally diverse communities and Miranda brings her years of experience of coaching and supporting people in a professional environment to help improve their mental health and general well-being.

To get in touch with Jenny please email jenny.phillips@dandenongbasketball.com.au or call 0401 438 425 (Jenny) or 0402 037 085 (Miranda).

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