Marley & Dieuson Biyendolo Re-Sign For NBL1 2021

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DBA is happy to announce that the famous Biyendolo name will be back at Dandenong Stadium in 2021, with Marley & Dieuson Biyendolo both re-signing for the upcoming NBL1 South season.

Re-signing with their home club was a no-brainer for both Biyendolo brothers with their family being connected to DBA for nearly two decades. Favourite members of the DBA Family, we know Rangers fans will be excited to see Marley & Dieuson back training & playing at the stadium.

The excitement around Marley’s signing will extend to a peculiar bunch of off-the-court fans, as our star guard hits TV screens for Big Brother 2021. Yes, that is not a typo Ranger fans, Marley entered the Big Brother house during the off-season and will be in the running for the $250,000 grand prize!

But with filming wrapped Marley’s focus is firmly on the court, pumped up for a return to basketball with his home club after missing out last year.

“I’m just super excited to get back out on the floor again to compete and have fun, after such a long year away from it!”, said Marley.

“Playing for Dandenong runs very deep with me – It’s the club that I’ve grown up with since I basically started bouncing a basketball, and one that myself and my family have been very involved with for countless years. So it’s always good representing a club that is very much close to home.”

While not having as busy an off-season as his brother, Dieuson is equally excited to be back playing with our Senior Rangers this season. The 28-year-old forward has become an institution here at Dandenong over his 10+ years in our senior program, known throughout the league for his strength, rebounding and, of course, incredible dreadlocks.

Jumping at the chance to be back at Dandenong with his brother, Dieuson is gearing up for a big 2021 after missing out on so much basketball.

“I am very excited to return after a long break due to unforeseen events over the past year…It will be great to return to the court with my brother!”, said Dieuson.

“It is a privilege to be a Senior Ranger and I have enjoyed my 10 plus years playing seniors with DBA. It is always enjoyable getting to know each iteration of the teams over the years and feeling a part of a team.”

The Biyendolo name at Dandenong Stadium doesn’t stop at Marley & Dieuson’s 10+ years however, with their father Clotaire well-loved throughout the community and their late-mother Victoria a favourite of staff, coaches and players alike. Victoria’s passion for the DBA community and in particular the Junior Rangers shone through during her time here and that love of basketball was clearly passed on to her sons.

Someone who knows that Biyendolo passion better than anyone is Senior Men’s coach Darren Perry, who has coached Marley & Dieuson throughout their basketball careers. Coach Perry stated that he is thrilled to have the two ‘classy’ men back with the Rangers in 2021, giving our Junior Rangers two terrific role models to look up to.

“‘When I started coaching at Dandenong back in 2008, I took some individual workouts for some junior players and a 13-year-old Marley Biyendolo was one of those players…the next year I coached in the U20 program and had the pleasure of coaching Dieuson Biyendolo,” said Perry.  “To have both of them playing NBL1 for the club in 2021 some 13 years later is not only great for the family but also great for the club.”

“Dieuson has been a member of the senior men since I took over in 2011 and this will be Marley’s 3rd year with the senior men after a successful college stint. Both of these classy young men are great examples to all our juniors that there are opportunities right here at Dandenong for players that are striving to play at high levels.”

The 2021 NBL1 South season tips off this month with the first NBL1 Rangers home event on May 8th. Stay tuned to for more information on ticketing, signings and gameday news as we get ready to saddle up for a huge season of Senior Rangers basketball.


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