Stadium Management Update – 25th May 2022

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25th May 2022

Thirty years ago, the original six courts of the Dandenong Basketball Stadium were built by the City of Greater Dandenong (CoGD). Dandenong Basketball Association Inc. (DBA) fully funded the construction of the upstairs Keith Miller Room and its fit-out.

Since then, there have been significant changes with four additional courts added in 1994, fully funded by DBA. Five further courts, a co-tenant in Volleyball Victoria and three sand Volleyball courts were added in 2009.

DBA, and more recently through its business Elite Stadium Management & Events, has always managed the stadium and the facilities within.

On the 30th anniversary of that arrangement DBA exits the responsibility of stadium management and from 1 July 2022, South East Leisure Pty. Ltd. (SEL) will assume this role.

There will be many changes to our organization as we re-set our Association and focus on our core business: basketball.

The Board of Directors of DBA Inc. have worked tirelessly and diligently over the past eighteen months in planning and developing a business model that will be sustainable over the next thirty years.

Negotiations for the transition in just over thirty days, whilst intense and involving several discussions and meetings weekly, have not been finalised. Our proposed User Agreement with SEL is progressing and we are doing everything possible to achieve the very best outcomes for our members.

As many of our members realise, DBA has accumulated many assets, particularly over our thirty-year tenure of this stadium.

Regrettably we are at an impasse with the CoGD over compensation for those assets; over which CoGD is claiming ownership!  CoGD is playing hardball and does not wish to compensate DBA for the four court annexe, (known as courts 4, 5, 6 and 7), the upstairs Keith Miller Room, the two collapsible grandstands on Court 1 and the business established as, and operating from, the canteen.  All these assets are fully funded, paid for and owned by DBA.

CoGD also does not wish to compensate DBA for any of its other assets, such as the strength and conditioning facility, IT systems, Court facilities and improvements and many other assets.

CoGD simply wants to assume ownership of these assets. It has taken a position and attitude of a hostile takeover and refuses to speak with DBA.

The Board of Directors has engaged a top tier legal firm and engaged other support from local members of State and Federal Government, and has been very well supported through this period by Basketball Victoria.

Over the remaining weeks until the end of June there will be further developments and communications to our members, so in the meantime please be assured that we are doing everything possible to progress and achieve the best outcomes for our members and participants, and for a sustainable future for DBA.

Should you wish to voice your concerns please contact your local State and Federal Members of Parliament:

Dale Wood

For and On Behalf Of
Dandenong Basketball Association Inc.

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