Supporting Our DBA Refereeing Community

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Dandenong Basketball would like to remind the DBA Family of the need to exercise patience, empathy and understanding on the court in all of our Domestic Competitions, particularly when interacting with our Dandenong refereeing community.

The past two years of COVID-interruptions has been tough for everyone but particularly for our DBRA referees who have been unable to perform in their roles and earn refereeing income without active competitions.

These interruptions have led to a shortage of referees across the Victorian basketball community with a number of referees unable to commit to seasons plagued with these pauses.

While we are actively training and recruiting new referees to our competitions this is not the only issue for our refereeing community, with the treatment of existing referees of particular concern for DBA.

It’s been great being able to be back on court and play the game we love with friends, but too often DBA has heard of mistreatment and abusive situations out on court, a disappointing outcome when we should all be thankful that we are approaching normalcy.

Abuse and mistreatment of referees WILL NOT BE TOLERATED at Dandenong Basketball Association and we are endeavouring to further support our DBA refereeing community to ensure they feel confident, safe and supported on the court.

We ask the entire DBA Community to put themselves in the shoes of referees in domestic competitions and ask themselves: How would I want to be talked to and treated as a basketball referee?

Too often we have seen coaches exasperated at referees on the court, players verbally aggressive after whistles and spectators directing hostility at officials who are simply calling the game as they saw it. Would you want to be talked to that way? Would you want your son, your mother, your friend talked to with anger and hostility for doing their job?

Without a strong refereeing community the game we love would simply not go ahead, our competitions would grind to a halt and basketball would not thrive at Dandenong Stadium. So please, the next time you think about yelling after a foul, understand that our referees are calling the game as they see it, doing their job and want to be talked to respectfully as officials enabling the great game of basketball to go ahead.

We thank the majority of our DBA patrons for their positive support in this return to basketball and look forward to everyone working together to build a supportive, competitive environment for everyone to enjoy; players, coaches, families and referees alike!

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