The Winning Edge


Itching to get back on the court? So are we DBA Family! While we’re stuck at home right now that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for a return to the court and we’ve got a NEW program designed to get you fit & firing for when we do.

The Winning Edge is a six-week body weight Strength & Conditioning / Skills program for you to do on your own time at home, created by our Basketball Development Coordinator, Emilee Harmon, in partnership with Wyndham Basketball’s Coaching and Programs Coordinator, Jackie Gibson.

This program will help you keep your edge over the competition with four sessions a week – alternating between fitness and skill development. Each exercise or drill is hyperlinked to a YouTube clip that will provide the participant with instructions on how to properly execute the task. This program is tailored to our representative level players but there is no harm in all of our ballers (and even their parents) giving it a go!

Check out Day 1 of The Winning Edge below, to view the full program click here: THE WINNING EDGE SIX-WEEK PROGRAM

Week: 1, Day: 1 Fitness
Session focus – Strength, Speed, & Agility



Sets x Reps & Distance

Rest Between Sets

Foam Roll / Stretch

30 second hold each stretch / each leg


2 Sets x 10 Reps Each Excercise


3 sets of 30 seconds – cones 5m apart
6 sets – 8m x 5m x 5m

1 Minute 1 Minute

Bodyweight Strength Circuit: 3 Rounds

3 x 10 Each Leg
3 x 30 Second Hold

3 x 20-30 Second Hold
3 x 10m Crawl

Go at your own pace


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